mongodb 将查询结果导出到文件

./mongoexport  -h "" -d seo -c kw_city -csv -o test1.csv -q '{"state":"ny"}' -f city,state

在windows的cmd命令行导出linux服务器的数据是不能使用 -q参数的

  --help                  produce help message
  -v [ --verbose ]        be more verbose (include multiple times for more
                          verbosity e.g. -vvvvv)
  --version               print the program's version and exit
  -h [ --host ] arg       mongo host to connect to ( <set name>/s1,s2 for sets)
  --port arg              server port. Can also use --host hostname:port
  --ipv6                  enable IPv6 support (disabled by default)
  -u [ --username ] arg   username
  -p [ --password ] arg   password
  --dbpath arg            directly access mongod database files in the given
                          path, instead of connecting to a mongod  server -
                          needs to lock the data directory, so cannot be used
                          if a mongod is currently accessing the same path
  --directoryperdb        if dbpath specified, each db is in a separate
  -d [ --db ] arg         database to use
  -c [ --collection ] arg collection to use (some commands)
  -f [ --fields ] arg     comma separated list of field names e.g. -f name,age
  --fieldFile arg         file with fields names - 1 per line
  -q [ --query ] arg      query filter, as a JSON string
  --csv                   export to csv instead of json
  -o [ --out ] arg        output file; if not specified, stdout is used
  --jsonArray             output to a json array rather than one object per
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